True Colours

True Colours

By Maz McCoy


No response.


“I told you I’m not talking to you.”

A heavy sigh.

“Why not?”

“I told you why not. You said you wouldn’t say anything. You promised.”

“I didn’t exactly promise. I just said it’d be our secret.”

“Our secret, right. You still told Cally.”

“I mentioned it. I didn’t give her details.”

“You still told her!” Kid’s raised voice startled the author and she stopped typing. “Sorry.” Kid sat down heavily on the bed, his shoulders drooped.

“Kid, I told several of my friends that we were at the hairdressers.”

“You told them I was having my curls done! Whatever the heck that means.”

Maz stepped away from the laptop and sat on the bed beside Kid, placing a hand on his knee.

“It means you were having those curls tousled.” She brushed a hand through those same soft curls. “And gorgeous they look too.”

“That’s not all you said,” the ex-outlaw pouted.

“I don’t think I said anything else?” Maz thought back to the conversation she’d had with Calico. They’d chatted about some story ideas, bounced a bunny or two, she’d mentioned Kid going with her to the hairdressers and…Oh. Had he heard that?

“Remembering now?” A gunfighter’s glare was turned on the author. Piercing blue eyes met hers. She didn’t’ think it was the right time to mention how much she liked his eyes or how sexy he was sitting this close. Kid stood up and walked towards the door. He rested a hand on the handle. “If you tell Heyes…” The threat hung in the air.

“I won’t, I promise.”

“You promised before.”

Maz held up her right hand.

“I swear I will not tell Heyes what you don’t want me to tell him.”

“Swear on something important.”

“I swear on my next weigh-in at Weight Watchers that I will not tell Heyes.”

“Okay.” Kid opened the door. “I’m going to get some coffee. D’you want a cup?”

“Did Heyes make it?”


“Is it Starbucks?”


“Then I’ll have a cup, thanks. And Kid…”


“If anybody doesn’t believe you, you do know there are other ways to prove you’re a natural blond?”

Maz smiled mischievously. Kid rolled his eyes and headed for the kitchen.

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