The Wall

“Okay, Kid, up you go,” Heyes said as he crouched, knees bent, and made a stirrup out of his hands.

Kid Curry didn’t move. Instead he stood, hands on hips, and looked down at his friend. “What?”

Heyes looked up. “Up you go.” To reiterate his point he held out his stirruped hands.

“Why me?” Kid jerked a thumb at the large wall beside them.

“You’re taller.” Heyes readied himself for the placing of his friend’s boot.

“By what? An inch?”

“Still taller.”

“You’re lighter. I should help you up there.” To prove his point Kid bent down and mirroring Heyes, made a stirrup out of his hands.

Brown eyes now level with blue ones stared back. “We don’t know what’s on the other side.”

“No, we don’t,” his blond friend agreed.

“You’re faster. With a gun.”

“I know.”

“The man who goes over the wall might need that skill.”

“Or he might not.” The friends crouched facing each other, stirruped hands level. “He might need to talk his way out of something. Know anyone who can do that?”

Heyes’ eyes narrowed. “You gonna go first?”


“You’d really send me up there. With my back?”

“What about your back?”

“You know I hurt it.”

“You fell off a chair two days ago. I ain’t seen you favorin’ it.”

“That’s because I suffer in silence.”


“The fact you didn’t know about it proves it.”

“Strange you only mentioned it when I suggested you go over the wall first.”

Heyes straightened up. “You saying I’m lying?”

Kid straightened too. “I’m sayin’ I don’t think you have a bad back but you sure might have…” a gunfighter’s finger poked Heyes in the chest and a thumb jerked skywards, “…if you don’t go up there first.”

“That hurts me, Kid,” Heyes stated, a wounded look on his face. “After all these years you don’t believe me when I tell you I’m suffering.”

Kid Curry was not impressed. “After all these years I know when you’re hurtin’ and believe me, you ain’t.”

Brown eyes met blue ones. Blue ones dared Hannibal Heyes to contract him.

Heyes gave a resigned sigh. Kid bent down and made a stirrup with his hands. Heyes raised a boot and placed it into the ‘stirrup’.

“I can’t believe you’d make me go up there first,” Heyes muttered.

“I’ll be right behind you,” Kid assured him. “After all you’re the one always telling me you like it when I watch your back.”

Heyes shot Kid a look right before the blond man hoisted his friend skywards.