The Return of the Captain’s Wife

The Return of the Captain’s Wife

By Maz McCoy

She stood with the other passengers beside the train, waiting. The man who waved his gun and ordered them from the carriage paced backwards and forwards. Senora Alvarez adjusted her parasol, shielding her face from the glare of the sun. As she did so she caught sight of one of the train robbers heading in their direction. There was something familiar about the young blond man in the brown hat. She studied him. A memory came back to her. He had been younger then but…

“Oh I would know those eyes anywhere,” she whispered to herself. “Oh, Je-desire.” The man, supposed to be guarding them, turned away to watch the proceedings at the boxcar further along the track. Senora Alvarez saw her chance and walked towards Kid Curry. Not one to miss a pretty woman, Kid spotted her approaching.

“Ma’am, you need to stay with the other passengers.”

“It is you, isn’t it?” she said as she drew nearer. “Je-desire Curry!”

Kid stopped in his tracks. He had heard that name before, a long time ago. His eyes met hers. A look of recognition crossed his face.

“Of course I didn’t have so many clothes on when you saw me last.” This statement caused several outlaw heads to turn in Kid’s direction.

“Just get back to work boys!” Kid snapped.

“You do remember me don’t you?”

“Yes Senora Alvarez, I do.” Kid placed a hand on her arm, steering her away from the others and out of earshot. Her eyes swept over his body.

“You have grown so…so strong…so…” Her eyes moved lower. “So big…so manly.”

Kid swallowed.

“Thank you ma’am.” What else could he say?

“And you are now a famoose outlaw. How exciting.”

“Well it’s not all you think it is. It’s not much fun running from a posse.”

“But you must be rich. All those banks you have robbed.”

“Well you don’t end up with much when you have to split it so many ways.”

From where he was supervising Kyle, attaching dynamite to the safe in the box car, Hannibal Heyes watched his partner talking to a beautiful dark-haired woman. Trust Kid to find himself a lady friend even during a train robbery. He turned back to the safe.

“You all set Kyle?”

“Sure thing, Heyes.”

“Give us a minute to get the passengers out of the way.”


Heyes walked towards his friend. A parasol raised and his eyes met two beautiful brown ones.

“Heyes, this is Senora Alvarez. Do you remember? The Captain’s wife?”

“Senora Alvarez. Of course. How nice to see you again.” Heyes touched the brim of his hat. “Kid, we really should move people back.”

“Why do you call him Kid, when he is clearly a man?” Her eyes roamed Kid’s body once more and he shifted awkwardly. Heyes suppressed a smile. “And you are the famoose, Hand-able Heyes.”

It was Kid’s turn to suppress a grin.

“You have such beautiful brown eyes, Hand-able.”

Hand-able wanted to wipe the smirk off his friend’s face but instead he turned to the woman.

“Senora, there’s going to be an explosion soon.”

“I think there has already been one.”

“He means a big bang,” Kid explained.

“Oh Je-desire, how thrilling.”

“Maybe we should get you behind the rocks.”

“You want to be away from prying eyes? You are so forward now. You were once, not so. Will you be joining us Hand-able?”

“I have things to supervise,” Heyes explained.

“Just us two then, Je-desire.”

“No ma’am I… I mean.” He looked to Heyes for help but got none. “I need to help with the…er…the…Where’s your husband ma’am?” Kid hoped changing the subject would help.

“He is posted to a small fort. I am going to meet him.”

Kyle Murtry approached them.

“D’you want me to light the fuse yet Heyes?” His eyes settled on Senora Alvarez. He smiled, giving her a view of his stained teeth.

“I’ll do it Kyle. Will you escort the Senora to safety?”

“It’d be my pleasure.” Kyle’s eyes lit up and he gave the woman a grin.

“You are leaving me Je-desire?” Her brown eyes showed her disappointment.

Kid sighed. She sure was a tempting sight.

“I have to help my partner ma’am.” He touched the brim of his hat. “Real nice seeing you again.”

“Another time, perhaps?”

“Another time.”

Kid walked away and Senora Alvarez turned her attention to the scruffy looking man at her side.

“What is your name?”

“Kyle Murtry.”

“Shall we get to safety, Mr. Murky?”

“It’s Murtry ma’am. Like Mur and then a tree, like a plant.”

Kid and Heyes watched them.

“Sheesh Heyes, I thought posses were dangerous but that woman…”

“Yeah, Kid, I see what you mean.” He looked at his friend. “Come on, Je-desire.”

“After you Hand-able.”


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