One Inclement Evening

The First Meeting (One Inclement Evening)

By Maz McCoy

Outside the window, the wind was howling on a particularly inclement evening. Inside it was warm and cosy. Lamps burned with a comforting glow and the fire crackled, as shadows danced around the room. Hannibal Heyes felt the warm water on his skin and looked up into the eyes of the beautiful dark-haired woman bathing him. He smiled and the woman smiled back.

“You know I think I love you more each day,” she said, planting a kiss on his head.

She washed his back gently with a cloth and the soap slid beneath the water.

“Oops,” she laughed and he reached into the bath to find it.

Beside him, Jed Curry was in the hands of an equally attentive young woman. Warm water cascaded down his naked body. A pile of soft white towels lay on a nearby chair.

“So what do you think of your new cousin?” Mrs. Heyes asked her son as she finished washing his hair.

“Pink,” Hannibal replied, shooting a quick glance at the tiny baby in the wash tub beside him.

“He’s gorgeous,” Mrs. Curry cooed. Jed gave a slight gurgle.

“He’s going to break a few hearts when he’s older, I’m sure,” Mrs. Heyes agreed. “But I think you’ll break just as many Hannibal,” she added as she wrapped a towel around her son and lifted him from the bath tub.

“I do hope our boys will get along,” Mrs. Curry said as she ran a handful of water over Jed’s fine blond hair.

“Well they’re our sons, so they are obviously going to be highly intelligent. Why wouldn’t they get along?” Hannibal’s mother asked, as she towelled her son dry. “And if they’re typical of the boys in my family, they’ll get into to all sorts of scrapes together.”

“Well then let’s hope they look out for each other,” Mrs. Curry said and Jed gave a loud burp. “Oh my!”

“I think Jed just offered to watch Han’s back,” Mrs. Heyes suggested.

“Pink,” added Hannibal and the two young mothers dissolved into laughter.


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