I’m Outta Here

“I’m outta here.”
By Maz McCoy

“I knew I should nevera listened to you,” Kid Curry grumbled.
“Huh! You say that now.” Hannibal Heyes brushed dirt from the brim of his hat.
“Well, I shouldn’t.”
“I didn’t hear you complaining when we were planning the hold up.”
“That’s cos it sounded like a good idea.”
“And it was.”
Kid met his friend’s gaze. “Up to a point,” he conceded.
“Did we or did we not stop the train exactly where I said?”
“We did.”
“Did I or did I not open the safe in less than five minutes?” Heyes looked smugly at his partner.
“Yeah, you did,” Kid muttered.
“I didn’t hear you.”
Kid raised his voice. “I said, yes, you did!”
“Was there or was there not over twenty thousand dollars in the safe?”
“Good. So we have established that it wasn’t a complete failure?”
“Not completely,” Kid admitted, grudgingly.
“Splitting up the money was easy. The bank had even placed it in ten separate bags for us. Wheat and Kyle have theirs and will probably be back at the Hole by now; Preacher should be there by morning. We have ours too. That was all part of the plan. My plan.”
“Yeah, you did pretty well plannin’ for other people, Heyes. It’s a pity you didn’t see this little hic-cup.”
“You chose the escape route.”
“Oh, so this is my fault?” Two ice blue eyes turned on his partner.
“No, but…”
“You think this is my fault!”
“I didn’t say that, Kid, I just…”
“Who said he knew the route through Benson’s Pass? Who claimed he’d spent time up there huntin’ cougars?”
“I did hunt cougars up there.”
“You didn’t recognise any of the rock formations I pointed out as we passed through. You didn’t recognise ANYTHING I pointed out.”
“It was a while ago since I was there.”
“Now you tell me.” Kid shook his head in disbelief and mimicked Heyes’ voice. “Get us to Benson’s Pass, Kid, and I’ll show you an easy route across the mountains. Well, I got us to Benson’s Pass and look where it got us!” Kid grimaced.
“That still hurt?”
“Want me to take a look?”
“No, Heyes, you’ve done enough for one day.”
“I didn’t mean for this to happen.”
Kid gave a heavy sigh. “I know.” He got unsteadily to his feet.
“You should stay off that foot in case your ankle’s broken,” Heyes advised, watching his friend lean against the rock wall.
“It’s not broken. If it was broken you’d really know about it.” Kid looked up at the circle of sky above them. “D’you think if I helped you, you could get up there?”
“Help me, how? You can’t take my weight?” Heyes got to his feet and looked at the wall. It wouldn’t be an easy climb.
“We hafta do somethin’, Heyes. I am not gonna die in a cougar trap.”
Heyes chuckled. “It’d be ironic though.”
“No, it’d be stupid. Kid Curry and Hannibal Heyes caught fallin’ in an animal trap because Heyes thought he recognised a tree.”
“I did recognise the tree.”
“Yeah, cos it marked where a trap was!” Kid grimaced again.
“You really should keep off of that foot.”
“Heyes, you say that one more time and I’m gonna shoot you.” Kid lowered himself to the ground and leaned back against the damp rock wall. He closed his eyes.
“You okay?” Heyes sat down beside his friend.
“Yeah, jus’ thinkin’.”
“What about?”
“How far away from you I’m gonna go, once I’m outta here.”
“That don’t sound too grateful.”
“Grateful?” Kid looked at Heyes in disbelief.
“Well, you do have six thousand dollars in your saddle bags.”
“Yeah, but I don’t have any way of spendin’ them seein’ as how I’m in a hole you led me into!”
“Now, Kid…”
As the camera pulls away from the hole, raised voices can still be heard emanating from it.

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