(Valentine’s Day nonsense)
By Maz McCoy

“What the heck is that?” Kid pointed.
“Right ventricle,” Maz replied as she made the next incision.
“And that does what?” the blond haired ex-outlaw asked as his nose wrinkled although he couldn’t seem to pull himself away.
“Pumps blood to the lungs.”
“You don’t have those here too do you?”
“Nope.” Snip, pull.
“What’s that white thing?”
“Atrioventricular valve.”
“Thought so.” Maz looked up sceptically and Kid smiled. “What are you…? Oh yuck, that is disgusting!”
“It’s the easiest way to check I have the right vessel,” Maz explained as she inserted her finger into…(Look away now if you are having your lunch ‘cos Maz is a biologist and they can be pretty disgusting people at times.) “There, one aorta cut open. See how much thicker the left ventricle is when compared to the right?”
“You’re odd sometimes, Maz, d’you know that?”
“Just practicing a little dissection. I want to get it right for Valentine’s Day.”
“Yeah, about that. Most women would be thinkin’ of flowers and cards and that chocolate you like. How come you’re dissecting a heart?”
“I just thought it was a good day to do it. You have to admit the kids will remember it.”
The door behind them opened and Heyes entered the room.
“Calico sure kept me busy last month. I am worn out!” he complained as he sank into a cosy chair. Then he noticed what they were studying on the table. “What the heck is that?” He was swiftly on his feet. “Oh my God!”
“It’s a heart,” Kid explained knowledgeably.
“Ya don’t say.” He looked directly at Maz. “What the heck are you doing with that?”
“She’s dissecting,” Kid explained helpfully.
“What the heck for?”
“For Valentine’s Day,” his partner informed him.
Heyes looked from Kid to Maz, then down at the heart, then back at Maz. “Is this some weird British tradition?”
“She’s taking one in for the kids.” Kid smiled proudly.
Heyes looked at Maz. “Is that some sort of punishment?”
Maz stood up and waved her bloody fingers at him spookily. “It’s educational.”
“It’s weird, is what it is.” Heyes shook his head.
The men watched as Maz cleared away her dissecting instruments and carried the heart into the next room.
Heyes leaned towards his partner. “You know it’s not too late to get the heck outta here!”
From the kitchen a voice called, “Oh yes it is!”

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