Democratic Process

Democratic Process
By Maz McCoy

“What do you mean, no?” Kid stared at Heyes.
“I mean, no.” Heyes polished the apple he was holding on his vest.
“You can’t do that. We had a vote. We had…What did you call it? A democratic process. We voted and you lost.”
“We might have voted but there was an error in the count.”
“An error in the count?” Kid mimicked. “What the heck are you talkin’ about?”
“The number of votes for and against was counted incorrectly.”
“How the heck can it have been counted incorrectly? There’s only five of us! Sheesh even Kyle can count to five!”
Kyle nodded his agreement as the rest of the gang listened intently to the partner’s exchange.
“But there are six votes,” Heyes stated.
“Six votes?” Kid repeated and Heyes nodded, patiently. “How the heck can there be six votes when there are only five people in the room?”
“You forget that as leader I have the deciding vote, which means that if the vote was tied and therefore an even number I could have another vote to make the final decision.” He waited for this information to sink in. In Kyle’s case it floated way above his head. Kid’s eyes narrowed, suspiciously. Heyes realised he would need to clarify his point. “We voted and the count was three against and two in favour. However as I have two votes I used my second vote to vote in favour, thereby causing a tie.”
“Wait a minute, you only have an extra vote if there’s a tie.”
“But there is a tie.”
“Only because you had two votes!”
“What do you mean exactly! You can only have two votes if there’s a tie.”
“But there was a tie, Kid.”
“Shut up Kyle!” Kid bellowed.
Kyle shut up.
Kid glared at Heyes. “You only get a second vote if there is a tie when we vote. There wasn’t a tie, so you don’t get a second vote.”
“Well, that doesn’t seem fair.” Heyes turned to the bemused members of the Devil’s Hole Gang. “Does that seem fair to you boys? That the number of times I can vote changes?” The boys were confused but when Heyes put it like that it didn’t seem fair. They dutifully shook their heads. Heyes smiled sweetly at Kid. “See they don’t think it’s fair.”
“That’s ‘cos they haven’t got a darn clue what you’re talkin’ about!”
“I don’t think you want to insult them, Kid.”
Kid looked at the faces of the men around him. They didn’t look as if they’d just been insulted. In fact there didn’t seem to be many thoughts passing through any of their brains. Kid leaned in closer to his friend, lowering his voice so that only Heyes could hear. “I know what you’re doing, Heyes. You’re tryin’ to win this by confusing the heck out of ‘em, but the fact is you lost. So we are not, I repeat not, going to do it!”
Heyes smiled and stood up. “All right, Kid.” He rubbed the apple on his vest once more. “If you want to turn your back on the years of struggle this country went through to create a democratic process, then so be it; we’ll do it your way. Just don’t complain when I turn round later and say I told you so.” Finally, he bit into the apple.

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