Counting Blessings

Counting Blessings

By Maz McCoy

“What are you doing?” a husky voice asked.

“I’m counting my blessings,” the woman replied from where she sat at a laptop computer.

“Why?” The blond man was stretched out on the bed, legs crossed at the ankles as he flicked through a copy of Cowboys and Indians magazine which she had subscribed to especially for him.

“Well that’s the title for the challenge story this month and I can’t think of anything else to write about. And as it’s Thanksgiving over in the USA I thought maybe I should count my blessings and see what I come up with.”

“We gonna have turkey too?” he asked, hopefully.


“Pasta again?”


“Hmm, you know I need to keep my strength up.” She gave him a look and he returned a wicked grin. The author sighed and returned her attention to the computer screen. There was a movement behind her then a warm breath on her neck.

“What you got so far?” he asked, leaning his hand on the back of the chair. He looked at the screen. There was nothing there. “Been kind of a tough year huh?”

Her shoulders dropped.

“Yeah.” She looked up at him, two blue eyes locked onto hers and he smiled. Somehow she returned her attention to the computer and typed. ONE: Kid Curry.

“I like that,” he told her, pulling up a seat beside her. “So what’s Two?”

“I’m not sure.” She watched as he pushed his hat back with one finger and typed. TWO: Cowboy hats.

He smiled. “You’re getting the hang of this.”

She typed again.

THREE: Blue eyes

“Seems to be a theme here,” he observed, with a mischievous grin.

“I wonder why?”

He laid his hand on her arm. “Four,” he prompted.

She typed. FOUR:


“I don’t know.”

He grinned, knowingly.

“I can’t type that, the ladies would have a heart attack, I’d be banned from the boards, sent to join another fan fic site.”

“Sheesh, are they that sensitive?”

“We’re still talking about the ladies right?”

His eyes met hers; he grinned again. She stifled a grin of her own.

“Four!” she said, determinedly.

“Winning the bandana,” he whispered. Her eyes met his and she swallowed. She typed: Winning the bandana. “Five: being able to save your work and return to it later.”

“You think I should take a break?” she asked. He simply looked at her. Her fingers paused over the keys. She moved the mouse and clicked save.

What? You thought I’d tell you anymore? LOL

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