Bad things happen when we split up

“Bad things happen when we split up”

By Maz McCoy

“You said it yourself, Kid, bad things happen when we split up,” Heyes reminded his partner as they sat at a table in the saloon, each nursing a beer.

“Not always.” Kid took a swallow of his drink, and then wiped the foamy moustache from his top lip.

“Santa Marta.” Kid looked up, meeting two knowing, brown eyes. “I’d call getting yourself arrested for murder a bad thing wouldn’t you?”

“Yeah, well that was Margaret Caruthers fault…or…no wait, that wasn’t her real name… I forget what it was…but it was her fault, not mine.”

“It’s still a bad thing and we still split up.”

“But you won a lot of money in those poker games.”

“And I’d have won a lot more if I hadn’t had to leave town in such a hurry to help you out.”


Heyes took a sip of beer, thinking.

“Grace Turner.”

“Oh come on that’s not…”

“We’d split up when you rode to Hidalgo and met her.”

“All right that’s true. But I wasn’t going there to meet her and that’s only a couple of examples. We can still take the two jobs the Colonel’s offering.”

Each man finished his beer. Heyes caught the bartender’s eye and another two drinks were brought over.

“Annabelle,” Heyes announced.

“What about her?” Kid was beginning to look…miffed

“We split up; you were carrying the money…and then lost it. I got beat up and had to save you again.”

“You didn’t have to save me!”

“Who walked in the barn with the gun?”

“I coulda handled it.”

“Oh yeah?”


“You know Kid there’s a common denominator running through these events.”

“A common what?”

“Denominator, it’s like a theme. Something that links them all.”

“Yeah, we’d split up.”

“I mean more than that.”




“Yeah. We split up. A woman takes advantage of you and we both end up in trouble.”

“Now wait a minute. No woman’s taken advantage of me…”

“There’s only one thing for it, Kid.”

“What’s that?”

“You’re gonna have to give up women!”


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