Authentic Experience

Authentic Experience

By Maz McCoy

“You want a what?” Maz asked as she finished her latest story.

“An authentic experience,” Kid replied, digging his spoon into the tub of rum and raisin ice cream.

Maz hit the save button and turned in her swivel chair, then grabbed the edge of her computer table as she over-swung yet again. Twirling the chair back to face Kid she watched as he shovelled a spoonful of smooth ice cream laced with succulent rum-soaked raisins into his mouth…Sheesh how many Weight Watchers points was that? Darn fantasy cowboys never seemed to put on any weight, but back to the plot.

“An authentic experience?”

“Yep.” Kid looked up, spoon hovering over the tub. “Remember Annabelle?”

“Of course.” How could she forget that woman? Young, gorgeous, long hair cascading down her back, clinging tightly to an ex-outlaw as they rode that horse and then she even got to kiss him!! Authentic experience my a%$. “What about her?”

“She wanted an authentic experience of the west. Well, I’d like an authentic English experience.”

Maz smiled and then remembered it was strictly PG13. Guess he wasn’t going to get that English experience, at least not for the monthly challenge.

“So what did you want?” she asked, as the screen saver on her computer switched itself on. Fish swam back and forth in their virtual aquarium.

“Well, what’s typically English?”

“Roast beef and Yorkshire pud.”

“Already eaten that.”

“Fish ‘n’ chips.”

“Had that.”

“D’you mean places?”

“Yeah. I should see stuff while I’m here.”

“We could go into London. See Trafalgar Square, Nelson’s Column…”

“Nelson. Sailor. One eye?”

“That’s him.”

“What else?”

“St. Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace. We could walk up the Mall, watch the changing of the Guard, and have a picnic in St. James’ Park.”

“I like a picnic.”

“Good. Then we’ll do that. What about Heyes?”

“What about him?” The spoon returned to the tub. That had to be at least three points he just shoved into his mouth.

“Will he want to go with us?” Maz tried to take her mind off food.

“Not if we don’t tell him.”

“Want me all to yourself huh?” Maz waggled her eyebrows.

“Nope, just means more food for us.”

Maz sighed. Fantasy cowboys were not supposed to act like typical men!

“All right. We’ll take the train to London, then walk to Trafalgar Sq…” Maz stopped when she noticed the expression on Kid’s face. “What is it?”



“We’re going by train?”


A smile crept over Kid’s face.

“Maybe Heyes should come with us. I just thought of a whole new authentic experience we could have. Maybe you could write the boys in too? They’ve never been to England.”

Realisation dawned.


“Aww come on, Maz.”

“No! Robbing the 8.15 commuter train to London is one authentic experience you are not gonna have!”

“It’ll give ‘em a little excitement. Bet they all talk to each other that day.”

“You cannot rob a train!”

“We sure can. We were darn good at it too!”

“If we go to London we’ll go by car.”

“Sheesh, you’re no fun at all.”

“Don’t push it cowboy. I still have another skunk story up my sleeve and this time it could be you!”

Kid pouted and shoved the spoon back into the ice cream.

“And if you eat one more spoonful I’m gonna write ‘ain’t no one that fat’ in my next story!”

Maz was hit by the full force of an ice-blue gaze and like a spoonful of rum and raisin ice cream, she melted.

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