Another Coffee with Kid

Another Coffee with Kid
By Maz McCoy

More self-indulgent nonsense

“What’ll you have?” the blond cowboy asked.
The woman thought for a moment as she studied the menu. She wasn’t the only one looking at him. Other women in the café had noticed the man standing before her dressed in jeans and a blue denim shirt, and why wouldn’t they, with his good looks, stunning blue eyes and blond hair? He was certainly enough to make a woman look up from her newspaper or peer at over the top of her book. She made her decision.
“Tall, skinny latte.”
Kid Curry turned to the woman behind the counter and gave her a dazzling smile. “Milky coffee in a big cup for the lady and a black coffee for me.”
“You look like the kinda man who could handle one of my peach muffins,” the woman stated. Kid smiled. He loved how innocent these women were. The woman, who was old enough to be his mother, pointed to the chill cabinet in which a selection of cakes and pastries were neatly arranged. “Can I tempt you?”
“Yes, ma’am, but not to a muffin.” He gave her a wink.
“Mildred!” she called to a woman hidden from view in a back room. “I got a fresh young man out here.” She smiled at Kid as she began to prepare the coffees.
Mildred, eighty if she was a day, appeared through a beaded curtain, and smiled. “Oh, he’s a looker.” She wiped her hands on her flowery apron as she approached the counter and addresses Kid. “Is she treating you all right?”
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Tempted you with her muffins?”
“She tried.”
Mildred laughed. “I bet she did!” She eyed the young man. “Are you married?”
Kid smiled. “No.”
“Neither am I, but I’m available to offers.”
“I’ll bear that in mind,” Kid informed her as her friend placed the coffees on the counter. He handed her several coins and picking up the mugs turned to the table where his female friend sat.
“She your girlfriend?” Mildred asked, none too subtly.
Watching the saga unfold from the table, Maz waited to see how Kid would answer that one. He turned back to the older woman, leaned closer and whispered something Maz couldn’t hear. The old lady smiled, patted his hand and sent him on his way.
“What did you say to her?” she asked when Kid placed the coffees on the table.
“Don’t play innocent with me. What was your answer? Am I your girlfriend?”
Kid leaned towards her. His blue eyes caught the light and his cheek brushed hers as he moved closer to whisper in her ear. She could feel the heat of his breath on his skin as he whispered…

Well sheesh, you didn’t think I’d share what he said did you?

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