A Locked Door

A Locked Door

By Maz McCoy

“Damn it if you don’t open this door Heyes, I’M KICKIN’ IT DOWN!” an angry Kid Curry yelled at the top of his voice.

“Kid sure sounds angry,” Kyle Murtry said, as he looked at the blond man standing in front of the leader’s cabin. Kid was covered in wet mud. Kyle scratched his head, as he sat on a boulder watching the man yell.

“Yep, he sure does,” Lobo agreed. He scratched his…well it doesn’t really matter what he scratched. The main thing is, the two men were watching, as the mud covered Kid, paced up and down in front of the cabin, his face, what could be seen of it, red with rage.

“What did Heyes do?” Kyle asked. He spat a gloop of tobacco juice into the bushes.

“Don’t know, but it musta been somethin’ bad to get Kid all riled up like that,” Lobo said, knowledgeably.

“I guess.”

“DAMN IT! Will you answer me?” Kid yelled. He hammered on the door with his fist, leaving mud splatters on the wood as he did so.

They heard a muffled voice from inside the cabin, but could not make out what was said.

“WHAT?” snapped Kid.

The door to the other cabin opened and Wheat Carlson walked out. He adjusted his hat, and then shot a glance at the leader’s cabin and the enraged man outside. Wheat ambled over to the two watching men.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Don’t rightly know, Wheat,” Kyle told him. “Heyes was workin’ on some plan down by the river. Then he came runnin’ back a few minutes ago. He was laughing hard. Then Kid comes chasin’ after him. Heyes has locked himself in and Kid is real angry about somethin’.”

“Why’s Kid covered in mud?” Wheat asked.

“Dunno Wheat,” Lobo told him.

“COME OUT!” Kid yelled.

“NO!” came the reply. “Not until you calm down.”

“I AM CALM!” the blond man yelled.


“Heyes so help me, I’m kickin’ this door in and then I’M GONNA FLATTEN YA!”

“You kick this door in and you’re repairing it!” Heyes called.

Kid glared at the door.

“Nice to have the boys back though,” Lobo said.

“Yeah,” Kyle agreed and another gloop of tobacco juice went flying. “Ain’t the same without ‘em.”

“Well it’s a darn sight quieter,” Wheat muttered and he headed over to the cabin.

Kyle and Lobo decided it was safer not to follow him.

“Everythin’ alright Kid?” Wheat asked. Two ice-blue eyes fixed on him from a mud covered face.

“Does it look all right?” Kid asked.

“Not really,” Wheat admitted.

“He calmed down yet?” Heyes called from inside.

“Don’t look like it, Heyes,” Wheat told him.

“Wheat d’you want to be leader?” Kid asked, turning to face the man. Wheat looked confused. “If you want to be leader I’ll back ya,” Kid assured him.

“Well Kid, I don’t rightly…I mean what about…I mean Heyes…”

The cabin door opened.

“What do you mean does he want to be leader?” Heyes demanded to know, disgusted with his partner.

“Well you can’t run the gang if you’re gonna stay in there,” Kid told him.

“I’m not stayin’ in there,” Heyes said, stepping out into the sunshine.

At that moment Kid turned towards him, his fists balled and a satisfied smile on his mud covered face.

Heyes looked worried.

“Kid…” he warned, holding up his hands in front of him. He stepped backwards. “Kid…don’t…”

Kyle and Lobo cringed when the first punch landed.

2 thoughts on “A Locked Door

  1. I wonder what Heyes did? Kyle and Lobe cringed when the first punch landed, just how many punches were there? Enjoyed it a bunch.

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