Welcome to the complete catalogue of my Alias Smith and Jones stories.SCROLL DOWN so as not to miss any of the 174 stories and challenges.

I started writing ASJ stories in 2006.

I love feedback so feel free to add lots of lovely comments.

If you finish all of these and have any time on your hands …Maybe it’s a rainy afternoon and you can’t find anything good to watch on TV, then why not check out Calico’s stories at http://calicoasjstories.wordpress.com/ But be warned…she has a liking for men with axes. Sheesh!


16 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good heavens! My tail twitches and writhes in envy at the organisation of stories in order. Still, only 87 – call THAT an opus. Consider a hairball of jealousy coughed on your mat.
    (And those Ranch Days stories in particular … turns back in disgruntled wish that I’d wrote em.)

  2. All your stories in one place, absolutely brilliant. I love your stories though I do envy your relationship with the Kid!

  3. Love these stories. I laughed – a lot, I shed a tear, I even held my breath. Brilliant. Thank you Maz!

  4. I’ve read every single one of these stories in about three months – yes, I’m a little ASJ obsessed! Despite a few grammar & spelling mistakes, your stories are really well-written and you’ve got Kid & Heyes perfect. Perhaps you could make it a little clearer who’s speaking? I’d also like to see your take on a money-related story, along the lines of “A Fistful Of Diamonds” or “What’s In It For Mia?”. Finally, a question: the stories here seem to tell it differently… do you think Kid & Heyes ever got their amnesty? Anyway, I’ll shut up now. Keep writing your amazing stories!

  5. I’m really enjoying your stories. The Outlaw Days have been fun and the Early Years touching, how they show the boys relationship. Really liked the Feather and the Tomshawk. Great characterization of the boys. Enjoying reading through the rest.

  6. Oh I loved A Formula For Everything!!! Great banter between the boys. And I like the short stories. Keep them coming Maz!

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